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Company History

The original business began in 1981. It was then called A-1 Printing and was formed with a friend out of high school. The business began slowly, printing orders for various businesses, schools, and local teams.We started with one little 4 color manual press and a flash dryer.This continued over the next three years while Jim was also working full time for different screen printing companies to gain experience. After three years Jim split from his partner and continued to grow his own business. Jim established Silkscreen Plus in the summer of 1985. He printed on everything from t-shirts to posters to bottles to three- dimensional items He also took his 6 color press on the road printing at various car shows and events across New England. He also started printing larger runs and he set a higher quality of standard.

In the summer of 1997 Jim established Silkscreen Plus entity to a full time operation. At this time Jim continued to work with a multitde of companies. He has printed for major corporations such as Snapple, Dodge and MTV. His focus still remains on the highest quality possible while providing personal attention to each job

In the summer of 1998 the LLC Corporation for Silkscreen Plus was formed, and Jim purchased a 8 color M&R automated press. He also added a state of the art gas dryer. Jim accomplished his goal of obtaining a larger clientelle base while servcing retail and wholesale clients under the same roof. In 2003 Jim decided to concentrate soley on a contract printing operation. His runs consist of small orders of 1-12 pieces to large runs of 100- 10,000 pieces or more. He prints on anything flat. Capable of running 1-8 colors

Located 413 Wolcott Road in Wolcott CT USA., Silkscreen Pus has recently expanded the art department, printing capabilities, and increased office personnel. He strongly believes in quality over quantity. You may contact him for any questions or quotes on your jobs and he will be personally assist you withn your current project.

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